Proactive interaction with customers

through connected water heating systems

Real Time Monitoring & Analysis

Sindesy turns standard water heating systems, into fully monitored and web-connected ones, creating a direct communication line between customers and manufacturers, as well as distributors and support centers – all in real time.

With Sindesy, valuable information such as failure alerts and energy efficiency degradation, can now be leveraged into proactive customer retention, enabling to create additional revenue sources.

New Revenue Sources

Sindesy systems generate new revenue sources for water heaters manufacturers and distributors, through paying returning customers and through paid service calls.

Our patented technology enables us to monitor, manage and communicate with a large number of water heating systems, and then channel monitoring insights to sales and support centers - in real time.

Sindesy’s solution practically enables to turn sales & support centers from reactive to proactive ones, so that every failure alert, at the moment it occurs, is converted immediately into a valuable lead for a paid water heater replacement or a paid service call – as has never been done before.

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